Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) helps individuals regularly focus on how they can become a more competent and effective professional. Training and learning increases confidence and overall capability, and compliments career aspirations. It enables individuals to adapt positively to changes in work and industry requirements.

Engaging in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensures that both academic and practical qualifications do not become outdated or obsolete; allowing individuals to continually refresh or update their skills.

CPD shows a clear commitment to self-development and professionalism and provides an opportunity for an individual to identify knowledge gaps and to resolve these in a recognisable approach to improvement.

CPD allows operatives to stay up to date with the latest regulatory changes, technological developments and improved methodologies within their industry.

Types of CPD learning can vary significantly, depending on the requirements of a business or an individual.

Structured CPD involves interactive and participation-based study. It is proactive and could include attending a training course, conference, workshop, seminar, lecture, e-learning course or CPD certified event.

Reflective learning involves no participant-based interaction, so this form of CPD is much more passive and one directional. This could include reading relevant news articles, podcasts and case studies and industry updates.

Self-directed learning involves all unaccompanied CPD activities. It covers the reading of documents, articles and publications; either in print or online. This could include reading relevant publications, books by leading experts, industry journals and trade magazines.

Operatives will receive a guided framework which will allow them to plan relevant training and learning to refresh and expand their knowledge and skills across the 5 year period between card renewals.

Operatives will be required to keep an online CPD record that will be reviewed at card renewal.

Operatives who fail to comply with the CPD framework will be required to undertake the two day Access Industry Training Scheme (AITS) Refresher Course or equivalent.